tacoma rear gas tank kit

tacoma rear gas tank kit

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We are now offering a rear fuel cell cradle for the 05 and up Tacoma.  You have the option of running our kit as a rear mounted gas tank cradle for either a 25 or 31 gallon fuel cell.  The kit can be set up as an auxiliary fuel tank or you can run it as a standalone.  You also have the option of running the kit as an "under the bed" storage box for batteries, tools, spare parts etc.  

The kit consists of a complete rear frame box kit that is laser cut out of 1/8" steel.  The weld in frame box kit was designed so that 4 new 3/16" cross members can be bolted in place.  Once the cross members are bolted to the frame box kit the 1/8" aluminum cradle can be bolted up to the cross members.

The kit includes everything as described in the PDF document below as well as all the necessary hardware.  If you decided to use the kit as an auxiliary fuel tank we recommend purchasing the parts below. Utilizing the kit as an auxilliary tank will allow you to have up to 52 gallons of gas on board!  When setup as a transfer tank with an electric fuel pump you will be able seamlessly transfer fuel on the fly with the flip of a switch.  No more need to carry clunky jerry cans and even better is you dont even

If you want to run the kit as a stand alone system we recommend calling Harmon Fuel Systems and having a cell made that will drop into the cradle.  Harmon will be able to make the standalone cell with a bulkhead that will allow you to drop the OE fuel pump and sender right in to retain all the factory functions of the Tacoma fuel system.  If you are not concerned with having an OE functioning fuel system then you can use the same fuel bladder that we recommend for the auxiliary system and add the inline fuel pump of your choice.  

If the kit is going to be run as an additional storage unit you can cut an access panel into the bed its self and use a piano style hinge to create a stealth access hatch.  your personal creativity is the only limitation when integrating the kit as a storage solution.