King 2.5 x 8" piggyback Free Bleed Shock (11-18 gm rear)

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* Price is for ONE Shock *

Bolt in freebleed bypass shocks

Lead time on free-bleed is 8 to 10 weeks

These free-bleed single-tube bypass shocks are custom made by King Shocks to JD Fabrication specifications.They provide similar suspension performance befits and the adjustability of traditional multi-tube bypass shocks without the noise, complexity, or expense. The single bypass tube gives you the ability to quickly and easily adjust ride with a simple turn of a screw. The suspension can be adjusted to be as firm as or as soft as you like. This is the kind of adjustable shock valving that fits every on- and off-road need. When you load up the truck for the weekend with extra gear, the increased weight of only a few hundred pounds can adversely affect the ride, making the truck very sloppy. You can now remedy that problem with the simple turn of a screw. Another cool thing about these shocks is that we give it a 3-inch hydraulic bump zone and a 1-inch hydraulic droop zone. So on a 10-inch shock for example, you would have 6 inches of shock adjustability and the last 3 inches become an internal bump stop. The last 1-inch of droop is used to slow the shock down to keep the axle from slamming on your limit straps and other components.