HOWE TC Pump Steering Kit

HOWE TC Pump Steering Kit

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Now available for the 2nd and 3rd Tacoma is a complete TC pump steering solution!

If you own a Tacoma then you are all too familiar with the feed back felt through the steering wheel when you hit even the smallest bumps.  The issue with the OEM steering pump has to do with the internal check valves that the Toyota pump uses.  The check valves limit the line pressure coming out of the pump until steering input is needed at which time they allow the line pressure to ramp up.  When larger tires are added there is an addition load placed on the steering system and the OE check valves can't ramp the pressure up fast enough to combat the steering forces.  The result is the additional forces are transferred into the steering wheel.  People often confuse the steering wheel moving back and forth as "bump steer" however this is not the case, what you are feeling in the steering wheel is the pumps inability to ramp the line pressure fast enough. 

Our solution to the check valve issue is to swap out the OEM steering pump for a HOWE TC pump.  The TC pump is a GM style pump that is designed for off road applications.  The TC pump ramps the line pressure up much faster that the OE unit thus eliminating the feedback felt through the steering wheel.  In addition to the pump our kit includes HOWE's much larger fabricated reservoir with filter and inline cooler.  We also include all mounting brackets, lines, fittings, belt and hardware necessary to bolt the kit to your 2nd gen Tacoma.  Again this is a 100% bolt on kit as we do the pump modifications in house and supply you with a custom pulley from HOWE.  In our opinion this is a must have mod for any Tacoma that's driven in the dirt!