FJ Cruiser Upper Arms

FJ Cruiser Upper Arms

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  • MAKE – Toyota
  • LIFT – up to 2”
  • TIRE SIZE RECOMMENDED – 31" to 35”
  • WHEEL TRAVEL – Allows for additional 2” with factory bump stop and shock modification

  • UPPER ARMS – Our powder coated upper arms are made from 1.5: x .120 DOM steel. Our standard arms use OEM bushings on the inner pivots because no one does more research and development in the durability of automotive parts than the vehicle manufacturer. These bushings can last up to 200,000 miles, will never squeak and do not require maintenance. On the outer end, our arms utilize a rebuildable and greaseable 1-inch uniball that is more durable and offers more angularity than the stock ball joint, meaning it won't bind as the suspension cycles. We have EMF machine all of the upper joints to utilize the factory FJ spindle taper so NO drilling is required!
  • UPPER ARM OPTIONS- We now offer 4 different upper arm options depending on your budget and application.   To start we have 0.25" adjusted caster as well as 0.75".  The 0.25" is ideal when running our lower control arm relocation kit because the added caster is gained by moving the lower control arm forward.  If you are running the the stock lower control arm geometry then the 0.75" arms are better suited as they will provide the added caster needed when lifting the truck. In addition to the different caster options we now have sealed inner pivot uniball options for both arms.  The uniball options are ideal for hardcore off-road applications.   


  • - Left and right powder coated upper arms
  • - 1” sealed rebuild able and greaseable uniballs
  • - OEM inner bushing

  • - Increases durability
  • - long lasting OEM inner bushings
  • - 1” sealed rebuild able and greaseable uniballs
  • Adds caster that was lost when lifting the truck