Tacoma 05-23 bedside storage / battery relocation boxes.

Tacoma 05-23 bedside storage / battery relocation boxes.

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Now available for the 05+ Tacoma is the JD Fabrication bed mounted battery box. Throughout our years of working with the Tacoma platform we have come up with countless unique solutions to improve the platform.  One area we kept having issues with was the location of the stock battery.  Its no secret that the stock front sheet metal core support is known for cracking under off-road abuse and the weight of the battery only makes the problem worse.  The logical solution was to move the battery to the rear of the vehicle to get the weight off the core support.  The problem is where do you mount the battery...the bed is the logical choice.  We were not happy with bolting a battery box in the bed since it takes up valuable real estate.  Our solution was to utilize the dead space between the bed tub and the fender. 

Our JD Fabrication integrated battery box is constructed out of .100" thick 5052 aluminum which is the perfect blend of weight savings and strength.  The laser cut, formed and TIG welded battery box is then powder coated black to create a sleek look that will never rust and last a lifetime.  The battery box also comes with a support mount that bolts to the bottom of the box and then the frame to ensure the battery is secure under even the most extreme off-road abuse.  Speaking of security the door to the battery box uses a lockable aircraft style latch so you don't have to worry about your battery being stolen!

The battery box is designed to accept the JD Fabrication battery tray which is designed around a group 34 battery.  Installation is simple and can be done in a couple hours with basic tools.  There are numerous ways to extend the battery cables or even use this as a second battery should you want to keep you existing battery under the hood.  We have provided some links below to help you track down the necessary wiring supplies.


battery is group 34 or it fits a






ring terminal