GX460/470 Lower Arm Pivots

GX460/470 Lower Arm Pivots

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  • YEAR-2003-2021
  • MODEL- Lexus GX460/470
  • WHEEL TRAVEL- Dependent on suspension kit 
  • TIRES PUSHED FORWARD- 0.25" to 1"
  • PARTS INCLUDED- Left and right lower arm pivots, front cross bar, skid plate with diff sump, cross bar tab gussets, frame fill plates, custom alignment cams with machined grade 8 bolts, lower arm spacers and all skid plate hardware

  • This is a ground breaking kit now offered from JD Fabrications for the Lexus GX platform. The idea behind this kit came from a number of issues that the Lexus is plagued with once you start adding lift and bigger tires. As lift is added to the suspension the truck looses caster, to the point of not being able to align the truck properly. The old solution was to add an aftermarket upper control arm to correct caster however this also pushes the tire rearward reducing the tire clearance with the cab and body mount. Anything larger than a 31” tire rubs on the cab mount and the solution in the past was to cut the cab mount and weld in a filler plate. The other issues with the GX are the factory lower control arm tabs are stamped out of thin metal that is prone to bending when the truck is used off-road and the factory alignment cams get knocked out of alignment regularly. This lower arm pivot kit tackles all the issues above in style.
  • The JD kit consists of new laser cut ¼” lower arm tabs that are welded to 1 ½” .188 tubing. Once the factory lower control arm tabs are cut off the frame the new cradle uses 4 locating tabs which line up with factory holes in the stock cross members. The locating tabs take all the guess work out of the install and align the new cradle in the perfect position on the frame. Once the cradle is bolted to the frame the ¼” arm tabs are welded to the frame and you’re good to go.
  • The magic is in the new lower arm tab spacing as they are 1” wider than the factory mounts. Machined 4130 spacer pucks are installed with the lower arm and the lower control can be pushed forward at 1/4” increments all the way 1”. At a full one 1” forward we were able to have full tire clearance for a 33” tire all the way through the travel with no cutting of the body mount or firewall/pinch seam. By pushing the lower arm forward 1” we were able to gain back the caster lost from the lift and the truck aligned to factory spec with the arm in the center of the adjustment range thus eliminating any side load on the bushings.
  • Another trick feature of this kit is the custom laser cut alignment cams. We have eliminated the factory cams in place of ¾” and 5/8” grade 8 bolts. Once the truck is aligned there are holes in the tops of the cams that can be match drilled into the lower arm tabs allowing you to bolt the cams in place thus eliminating the ability to knock the truck out of alignment.
  • All if this is then topped off with a custom high clearance, flat bottom 3/16” aluminum skid plate that has a custom bolt on steel diff skid plate.
  • If you are after the one stop solution to all of the GX's short comings this is it. This kit is compatible with all long travel kits as well. After all why spend all that money on heavy duty, fancy long travel kits only to bolt it on to the weak stock frame mounts? If you are serious about your GX and use it in the dirt this is a must have kit. Run the lower kit by its self and tie it into your existing off-road bumper or pair it with our “trophy truck style” bumper for the total package.
  • This kit must be installed by a qualified professional only, cutting, grinding and extensive welding are required.