2005+ Tacoma Billet Tie Rod Kit

2005+ Tacoma Billet Tie Rod Kit

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Part #: jd-usc-tt

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If you are running our slide rack kit you will also need to purchase our billet tie rod set.  They are machined out of 7075 aluminum, anodized black and accept 3/4" heim joints on either end.  We have them available in stock width, 2.25" and 4" extended lengths.  The 2.25 and 4" tie rods have a machined taper to clear the shock when running our long travel kit.  All tie rods also have machined wrench flats so doing the alignment is a breeze.  

The tie rod kits come complete with two tie rods, 2 right and 2 left 3/4" heims, jam nuts and 5/8" misalignment spacers for outer heim that are designed to work with our double shear tab kit.

We also sell the tie rods with billet clevis's that will attach to your factory Tacoma steering rack.  You can select the tie rods with the inner clevis's in the drop down menu.

If you are running aftermarket inner clevis's please select the correct part in the drop down as the tie rods will come with the necessary 3/4 to 5/8" shouldered heim. 

Please note you will need to purchase our steering double shear tab kit in order to adapt the outer heims to the factory spindle. (Part #: tt056ldsp)