Fox 2.0 x 2.0 Air Bump Stop Kit

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Part #: f2x2bs-225k

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If you are looking to add further bottom out control to your long travel kit we have Fox air bumps for you! Our kits use a 2" diameter by 2" stroke bump stop that utilizes a pinch bolt style bump can.  Installing the bump stops is a breeze with our tab mounting kit that locates the bump stops in the perfect position.  For the installation you will be required to cut off the existing OE bump stop mounts and weld the new tabs and cans on.  We offer the bump stops as a complete kit which includes the bump stops, cans, bump stop tabs and mounting hardware.  Additionally we give you the option to purchase the parts individually. 

Each complete kit will come with two bump stops, two cans and two sets of mounting tabs.  You can also purchase the tabs only as a complete set or purchase individual bump stops so make sure you select the correct drop down when placing your order!