JD fabrication spindle gusset

Tacoma 2016+ Spindle Gusset

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  • YEAR- 2016+
  • MODEL- Third Generation Tacoma 2wd and 4wd 6 lu


  • JD Fabrications now offers a two piece spindle gusset kit for the second generation Tacoma. The stock spindles are prone to failure once you combined larger tires and off-road abuse. The two piece gusset kit we have is laser cut out of 1/8” plate and bent for a perfect fit. Once the main gusset is welded to the spindle/steering arm an internal rib, that runs the entire length of the spindle, is welded on for added stiffness. This kit is designed to be run without a sway bar but can be modified to work with the factory bar. Installation requires disassembly of the spindle and welding