2005+ Toyota Tacoma UCA Double Shear Kit

2005+ Toyota Tacoma UCA Double Shear Kit

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The factory Tacoma upper control arm is mounted to the coil bucket in single shear using a through bolt.  This design is adequate for the stock truck however large tires and heavy off road abuse lead to the failure of the through bolt.  Our kit places the bolt in a double shear fashion which greatly reduces the load on the through bolt.  Additionally the factory Tacoma coil buckets are notorious for bending under heavy off road use.  The double shear gusset kit also acts as a coil bucket stiffener by increasing the welded surface area to the frame.

For our kit we use laser cut and bent 3/16" plates.  In our experience a good majority of the factory coil buckets have already seen some degree of bending which can cause fitment issues with the double shear kits.  In order to solve this problem we use an oval hole for the through bolt which allows for some degree of adjustability when installing the kit.

The installation its self is very straight forward- simply remove the upper arm through bolt, reinstall the bolt with the double shear tabs and then just weld everything up.  

This is a complete set of gussets for both driver and passenger side.