Double Uniball Shackles

Double Uniball Shackles

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Are you tired of squeaky shackles with urethane bushings that are constantly wearing out? Our shackles eliminate the bushings all together.  We have custom machined barrels that accept two 3/4" uniballs with a crush sleeve in between that the shackle bolt can pivot off of. These shackles have been designed to accept the standard 2.5" leaf spring bushing width that uses a 9/16" bolt and the uniball end pivots around a 3/4" bolt.  

They are fabricated out of laser cut/formed 3/16", have a fully boxed design and are available in 7" and 9" lengths.

All shackles come powder coated in black and include a total of four 3/4" uniballs, four snap rings, two crush sleeves and two 3/4" bolts with nuts and washers.

Price is for a complete set of two shackles.