2001 to 2010 Chevy/GMC 2500/3500HD Coilover Conversion kit  COMING SOON

2001 to 2010 Chevy/GMC 2500/3500HD Coilover Conversion kit COMING SOON

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2001 to 2010 2500/3500HD owners we have a coil over conversion kit coming soon! You will be able to eliminate your torsion bars once and for all without breaking the bank.  Our kit utilizes the factory lower control arms, spindles, brakes, axles, CV's and steering to help keep the costs down while still being able to run off the shelf OE parts. 

All 2500/3500HD owners know the factory torsion bar design leaves a lot to be desired when it come to the ride quality.  This problem is only compounded when you add torsion keys to gain additional lift out of the front end.  The solution to this problem is to convert the front end to a coil over design.  A coil over shock offers a far superior ride however the issue with the HD chassis is how to fit them in there on the 4x4 trucks.  The factory design mounts the upper control arm to the side of the frame which causes the upper control arm to contact the larger diameter coil over shock when the suspension moves through its travel.  Even with custom fabricated lower control arms the suspension is still greatly limited by the upper control arms and it becomes impossible to achieve anything more than 9" of travel.     

In order to achieve the full 12" of travel the trucks are capable of we moved the upper control arms to the top of the frame and integrated them into the upper coil over mount for a simple yet very strong one-piece design.  We are able to move the control arm to the top of the frame when used in conjunction with our spindle extension.  The spindle extension is the identical design we use on our "4x4 extreme long travel kit" that has been abused in some of the roughest terrain imaginable with lots of horsepower and big tires.  This design has proven to work flawlessly under some of the harshest conditions while still maintaining the simplicity of the factory hub assembly.