What's in a name? We've noticed that many of the best prerunners we've found come from fab shops bearing a pair of initials, such as H&M, B.K., and C&D. If you equate these initials with high-quality fabrication and fast-moving off-road trucks, then we've got another pair of initials to add to your list: JD.

JD Fabrication is the melding of two pairs of talented hands, namely those of Jesse Nelson and Dave Dinsmore. Jesse and Dave first became acquainted through a common interest in smaller-scale speed: R/C cars. As time passed, the R/C cars gave way to full-scale trucks, and the quest began to find ways to make their trucks faster and more capable in the dirt. Fast-forward a few years to find Jesse and Dave's talents and resources pooled into what has become a thriving business partnership. JD Fabrication began with long-travel kits for '86-'95 Toyota 4x4s, and now offers kits for several Toyota and Ford models and model years. From individual suspension kits to turnkey buildups, Jesse and Dave willingly apply their off-road expertise to a full spectrum of machinery. The JD portfolio also includes Chevy pickups, Baja Bugs, early Broncos, and Jeeps.We caught up with JD during a weekend of fun disguised as product testing. "I've been coming out here for years," Jesse tells us, speaking of the Ocotillo Wells OHV area.

Ocotillo Wells is part of the San Diego area's backyard and gives off-roaders a chance to test their mettle and machinery against a variety of off-road terrain types. Deep sand? That's found at Blow Sand Hill and at Devil's Slide. Nasty whoops? You can find those in several places such as San Felipe Wash and the Shell Reef Expressway. Once you conquer the whoops on the Shell Reef Expressway, you can test your truck's jumping ability (and your intestinal fortitude) on the Shell Reef jumps. Ocotillo Wells offers something for nearly everyone.


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