2004 FORD F150 - PROJECT RACE 150 PART 3


Since day one our plan has been to build a new '04 F-150 into a four-wheel-drive prerunner that we could romp across the bumps and jumps of the Southwest desert to satisfy our need for speed. We're almost there--this is written as our Ford is just a SEMA show appearance away from hitting the dirt.

If you've been following along, you read last month that we took the truck to JD Fabrication to have a long-travel independent front suspension developed. This month we'll show you what the guys came up with, and, as a bonus, we'll share a secret--you'll be able to buy this front suspension from JD Fabrication for your own '04 F-150. Not excited enough yet? Watch for the final installment next month when the paint gets applied, the 37-inch Goodyear MT/Rs get mounted, and our F-150 gets airborne.


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