2004 FORD F150 - PROJECT RACE 150 PART 1


Here's the plan: Take an '04 F-150 that no one in the aftermarket has ever seen before and build it into a capable go-fast off-road truck in under 11 weeks for the SEMA show in Las Vegas. But don't worry, our stress is your excitement as this truck will be built to rock--even if it never crawls on them. Of course, by the time you read this the SEMA show may have come and gone, but the project will have only just begun as this new F-150 could prove to be our gateway into the desert race scene that we've been away from for the last few years. We'll let you, the readers, decide if you want to see more.

We've already lined up JD Fabrication in San Marcos, California, to brew up a max-travel independent front suspension that will let us keep the truck four-wheel drive--even with double-digit suspension travel. The next step will be some custom bodywork and paint to set our Ford apart, followed by some interior upgrades that will keep us safe and comfortable, no matter how far off the road we get.

This month we'll get started by showing you what we've got to work with and give you some clues about where we're headed. Check in next month to see how we're making out, but read fast 'cause this project is going to move quick. Try to keep up!


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