This 1985 Ford Bronco 4X4 owned by Todd Sanderson of Leucadia Motorsports is the definition of multi-purpose. Used for years to mark SCORE racecourses up and down the Baja Peninsula, it has and does go everywhere. There is a big difference between running a racecourse at speed and constantly stopping and starting to set up course markers, and Todd’s Bronco does both equally well. Everywhere you look on this JD Fab built Ford Bronco you find smart, simple, and functional design paired with clean fabrication.

The Ford Bronco was built in 2007. After taking delivery, Todd immediately drove straight to Ensenada, Mexico, where he picked up course-marking supplies. He then set out to mark the SCORE Baja 1000 course, which ran all the way down the peninsula to Cabo San Lucas. After marking the course, he returned home, traveling roughly 2,500 miles without an issue. The Ford Bronco marked the Baja 250, 500, and 1000 courses until 2012. It has covered many thousands of miles of the toughest Baja terrain without skipping a beat and rescued countless stuck prerunners along the way. Todd and his Leucadia Motorsports crew now compete in the NORRA Mexican 1000, a race that travels the length of the Baja Peninsula each year. At this point, Todd probably doesn’t even have to steer the truck—it knows the way!

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